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  8. "We have Barbara Gordon. That means we can force the Commissioner to drop the charges against our boyfriends. Come here and let’s celebrate."

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  10. Cat Hedlund

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  11. He had taken over her husband’s company in a leveraged hostile takeover, more or less overnight. Now, in return for honoring her husband’s severance package, she had been given to him as a slave. 

    She had married her elderly husband for his money. She had no illusions about that. Still, as the hedge fund manager took possession of her bound, naked body in the members-only lounge of their country club, she felt betrayed. “No more love, only fucking,” she silently told herself as he pounded his cock into her. “No more love, only fucking.”

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  12. laetitia-casta:

    Laetitia Casta for VS (late 90s)

  13. After 24 hours, he still hadn’t paid. She was the collateral.

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