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    Johanna Lundback

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  2. OK, Julie is Ben’s girlfriend, and Gwen is his cousin, so technically this is more about incest than cuckqueaning.

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    Your husband buys me so many little toys with your credit card. How does it feel to know your paying to make me feel good?

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    Don’t get up off your knees. You belong there. I own you now. You and your husband.

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    She told you that you were going to get to fuck her today as soon as your husband/her lover came home. She’s never done more than sit on your face for you to clean her up or randomly suck her delicious pussy before.

    She pulled out a bottle that looked liked lotion and pumped a large amount in her hand. You should have known by the twinkle in her eye that something was amiss but you were just so happy when she started rubbing your pussy and shoving her lotion coated fingers inside you. She made sure to cover your clit in a heaping amount of the lotion before slipping the strap-on harness up your legs and you really couldn’t think much during that process with all the mixed emotions welling up.

    That’s when he came in as if on queue. He was a little surprised to see you in the harness and her stripping down but she kissed him and whispered something in his ear and they both shared a laugh and looked at you smiling as she started pulling at his clothes.

    That’s when you began to realize what was going on. It was a numbing agent she had rubbed on and in you. Your whole crotch was starting to feel like a numb void . She was planning to use you as a sex toy and was making sure you received no physical sensation from the fucking at all.

    She got on all fours and you knew what to do. She wasn’t even going to look at you. She just said to your husband “let me suck your cock while I ride my new fucking machine” and you almost cried. Then you saw him looking right at you and that was all you needed. You started humping and staring at him.

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    Wow how hot it is to come home and all I can hear is my husband moaning with pleasure and I walk into our bedroom and find another woman playing with my hubands cock and all I can do is continue watching them until I get so turned on that I have to join in….

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    Nossa que gostozura limpar a porrinha da buceta, é meu sonho de paixão q nunca realizei…

    This was how it was when it all began. He’d deposit his cum close to her entrance making almost drip into your mouth. Now you have do dig deep to get his cum that you crave.

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    new slave

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